Орг.Griffin & Kryuger
Должн.Директор ЧВК Griffin, отставной офицер

It's time to wake up, recruit. Griffin's top executive officer, Kruger. You must be tired of reading this face in our magazine. So now, can you still fight?


The full name is Berezovich Kryuger (Berezovich Kryuger/ Berezovich means the son of cypress), the founder and executive officer of Griffin, who used to be an officer, but has long since retired. He has witnessed too many tragedies on the battlefield, which made him try his best to promote the cause of peace after he was discharged from the army. As a pragmatist, he established the Griffin Security Contracting Company to protect human beings that the government is unable to protect, and ordered a large number of human figures to replace human mercenaries in the future, hoping to minimize human casualties.

After the iron-blooded figure got out of control, when the major contractors gave up orders, Kruger was ordered to block the area of ​​the iron-blooded figure and prevent its expansion. At present, the battle between Griffin and the iron-blood is still going on with difficulty.

Личное дело

After the first generation of tactical humanoids came out, Mr. Kruger has been very keen on the use of tactical humanoids, and tried to purchase tactical humanoids as Griffin’s main combat power to reduce human casualties. Because it maintains a good personal relationship with Javier Witkin, the founder of IOP, and the two sides have a precedent for cooperation in escorting Pascal and Lecco. This makes IOP the main supplier of tactical figures for Griffin. At the same time, through this relationship, IOP allows Krueger to directly exchange data with its “Hermit”.

This private research company named “Hermit” was established by Javier Witkin to cover the joint research institute of Pascal and Leco. “Hermit” was able to provide Griffin and IOP with a number of advanced technologies through financial exchanges with IOP. For more information about this collaboration, please visit the archives [NPC/Pascal] and [NPC/Lake].

After Lecco and Pascal had a disagreement, Lecco chose to leave Hermit and go to Jagged. And it was Griffin who sent the iron and blood to protect Lyco’s safety. Jie Xue Gong Zuo even asked Griffin to provide relevant security services for the subway blood factory on the condition that it was the follow-up scientific research data of Lyco. Although Griffin has reached a security agreement with IOP’s competitors, there is no relevant record showing that Javier Witkin has directly attacked Kruger because of this matter.

After experiencing the precipitation of this series of events, Griffin officially launched the market. Openly accepting the security underwriting work of all parties, and through Kruger’s contacts, Griffin quickly rose to the ranks of security contractors.

Subsequently, under the leadership of Pascal, Hermit developed the second-generation tactical humanoid after studying Griffin’s data feedback, and formally established the 16LAB Research Institute to provide direct technical support for IOP.

During this period, Kruger had proposed to share technology with Lyco to improve the efficiency of tactical humanoid action, but Lyco rejected it.

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